Prompt services

Jeff will touch base with clients the day before an appointment to confirm. We try very hard to run a little ahead of schedule, but will communicate with the client if timing is off.

Appointment expectations

Jeff only works on horses that are safe to work on  and around during the farrier process. It is the clients responsibility to train and ensure that their horses mannerism are farrier friendly.

Work Site

In order to provide the best farrier service around Jeff requires a clean, flat, dry - well lite area to work in, that is safe from visual & audible distractions. 

Farrier services

Jeff can provide farrier services to all equine disciplines. English saddle horses, to the Sport horse, to the trail rider. If you are looking for the best farrier service available you are looking in the right place.

Equine evaluation

Recognizing that the perfect horse does not exist we are always evaluating the horse in order to provide the appropriate farriery to enhance your horses performance. 

Therapeutic Farriery

Working with multiple veterinarians from around the United States. Jeff can provide your horse with proper therapeutic farriery from glue on shoes, to wooden shoes - if it is mechanically beneficial to your horse we can apply it.